Red Custom-made Mouthguard

Red Custom-made Mouthguard




Red Custom-made Mouthguard


How it works

Ordering your custom-made mouth guard is easy:

  1. Select from the options below to create your ideal mouthguard. 
  2. Once we have received your order, we will send you your Home Dental Impression Kit. Just follow the instructions provided. If you get stuck email us or give us a call- we are here to help you through the process. 
  3. Return your impression in the parcel box, using the prepaid postage label. (If you have opted to come to our dental lab, then we will contact you to arrange an appointment).
  4. Once we receive your impression, our qualified dental technicians create a gum guard to your specifications.
  5. We aim for a quick turnaround, so you should receive the finished product within three-five working days. 

Please note: If you wear braces/ retainers, unfortunately we will NOT be able to send you a HOME IMPRESSION KIT, as the putty used is not suitable for braces and the resulting impression will be unreliable. We recommend that you visit your dentist to take a cast of your teeth.

If you live in Cornwall, you can still arrange a fitting with us at our Clinic.  


Please let us know if the mouthguard is for an adult or child under the age of 14. We do not charge a different price, nor is the quality of the mouth guard any different, but it ensures that we send you the right impression kit and create the right product for you. 

Level Of Protection

We offer three levels of protection. Please select based on the sport you play. 

  • Full Contact- Offers our maximum level of protection in the this range. Suitable for players of all sports who want the peace of mind of maximum protection whilst playing their sport.
  • Semi Contact– We recommend you choose this option if you are involved in the following: combat sports or sports using a stick.
  • Minimum Contact-Offers a general level of protection and is suitable for players of sports where there is some risk of injury. We recommend this if you participate in ball sports.  

Fitting Method

You can choose from the following two options:

  • Have your Home Impression Kit sent to you.
  • Alternatively, if you live in Cornwall and would like to visit our lab, please select this option. (After your purchase we will get in contact to schedule an appointment).

If you are based in Cornwall and would like us to visit your school or sports club to fit multiple members of a team, then please contact us



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